Finished Songs & Videos
A Songwriters Dream Play
A Massive Big Thank You Play
Life's Kick's Play
The Magic of Christmas Play
Amazing Grace - His Legacy - Play
Just a soldier doing his job Play
Still I take him fresh flowers Play
Still I take her fresh flowers Play
That's All It Takes - Play
The Fireman - First Responder 9/11 - Play
Jackson Kelly - Before He Died Play
Jackson Kelly After He Died Play
Don't Say Never Play
Don't Forget My Name - Male Version Play
Don't Forget My Name - Choir Version Play
A Child May Do a Selfless Act - Play
We touched your world and left our mark Play
The 'Kentucky Tragedy 1826' Play
She Took a Taxi To Heaven Play
The Only Love We'd Known Play
Junkyard Paradise Play
Saddie Grey (AKA Shady Grey) Play
Hell Bent On Revenge Play
'My Daddy Was a Good Man Play
It's Been Another Year Play
Follow In My Footsteps Play
The Only Love We'd Known play
Truckin' Play
I Wanna Be The Woman Play
Timeless In My Mind Play
My God Gave Me Rest Play